Tuesday, September 14, 2010

First QA Assignment

I have two sweet incoming Q.A. interviews just over the horizon. One with the successful founder of a very well established blog, and another with a talented independent PC game developer. Sadly for me, neither of these two has had the chance to finish the email interviews. So I spoke with a cool cat named Peter Jensen. That's him up there mugging it up for the camera.

Pete shares something in common with a growing number of men in his generation. It's been the topic of numerous opinion columns, anonymous online comments, and dinner table sniping. He hasn't finished college, and he lives at home. Here he is giving me curt answers to well considered questions:

Travis: "How old are you?"
Pete: "25 almost 26."

Travis: "Where do you live?"
Pete: "St Louis, MO. I live with my parents."

Travis: "What's it like living with your parents."
Pete: "The lack of full blown independence and having to deal with their schedules is stressful."

Travis: "Why do you live with them?"
Pete: "I don't have enough income to live on my own. With them I have free rent, some free meals."

Travis: "Are you in college?"
Pete: "I go to St. Louis Community College at Merrimack."

Travis: "How do you like it there?"
Pete: "It's a good school with good teachers."

Travis: "Do you work?"
Pete: "I work at an Alpine Shop selling camping stuff. It's a good Job. I enjoy getting to mess around with the gear and helping customers figure out what they need."

Travis: "What are you studying in school?"
Pete: "Environment Sciences. I care about protecting the environment from pollution and other human stupidity."

Leave a message in the comments section to let me know what you think of my human stupidity. It's anonymous!


  1. Hey, Travis. A pretty good start. I like how you chose a specific topic to explore -- living at home with the folks. But I would have liked to see more questions drilling down on that very topic. One of your images appears broken.

    Looking forward to the upcoming interviews!

  2. Thanks Professor Brodeur. I reformatted to get rid of that broken link.