Wednesday, September 22, 2010

President Carter Makes a Masturbation Joke

I just saw a repeat of last night's The Daily Show. Jon Stewart had President Carter on. Carter was there, at least in part, to promote his new book "Whitehouse Diaries." Stewart made fun of the book's use of the word "Diary" in the title, and the crowd shuffled nervously. I would, you don't make fun of presidents to their face on Comedy Central.

Unless you're a president. Carter and Stewart shared a laugh about the Tea Party's most asinine candidate, Christine O’Donnell. O'Donnell campaigns against masturbation, and by her own account tooled around with witchcraft. There's also some pretty serious allegations about her finances, but that's not as interesting.

Carter admitted that " a young man, I wasn't necessarily opposed to..." before Stewart artfully cut him off. Carter was talking about how he used to masturbate.

I love The Daily Show. Ever since Jim Cramer's public shaming on that program, I've loved it. He might be a funny man, but Stewart's got a good head on his shoulders. And his guests know how to laugh.

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  1. Another Daily Show I am going to have to catch up with on my DVR. Very captivating headline, Travis.