Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Q.A. Assignments

For Journalism 392 I conducted and posted 3 different Q.A.s. The first time I sent Peter Jensen a list of questions, and he responded, via email. The second time, when I interviewed Samer (founder of Freeware Genius), there was more research involved, and more back and forth in the interviewing process. That was also done via email. For the final interview, I met with Jonathan Ryder, and had an old fashioned conversation.

I think all three of these interview methods worked well enough, especially for these sort of Q.A. posts. I wasn't writing in depth profiles, and I never met anyone in a parking garage. For what it was, the email format worked well enough. Especially with Samer, who would otherwise be completely inaccessible (he lives in Seattle, and he's a busy dude). Similarly, the next Q.A. I'm going to post couldn't have been done in person. Email gives me greater access as a blogger and a student.

As for lessons learned, interviewing people who have interesting/relevant things to say is definitely the way to go. In the final interview, I realized I hadn't really prepared enough. I didn't have a focus for the interview.

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