Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Text Alerts Are Not Exclusive To UMass, TX University In Crisis Also Uses Them

I just took a look at the Google Trends page, and the terms "Colton Tooley" and "UT shooting today" are both in the top 20. Both the trending topics refer to a grisly suicide today at the University of Texas, committed by college Sophomore Tooley. The more established news sites have already moved past this story, so I followed the Trends links, and came across this ugly piece of information from an aggregation site called eWorldPost:

"At the Austin campus of University of Texas a man killed himself. Sources says a man with AK-47 rifle ran across the campus and entered the Perry-Castaneda library where he committed suicide by shooting himself. The incidence too place at around eight in the morning when classes were to begin. Students say the shooter was wearing in a ski mask."

Another news source, KTXS, posted a follow up report detailing the security reviews Abilene, TX area universities are engaging in immediately following the suicide. It turns out UMass Amherst students have something in common with their southern cousins:

"Whitehorn, VP for Student Development at Hardin-Simmons University, (says) students are given the option to sign up for system alerts in the event of dangerous situations."

Another site, Daily News Engine, identifies the shooter as Colton Tooley, and confirms that The University of Texas also uses a text alert system.

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