Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Third Q.A.

It's time for my third Q.A. assignment. This week I spoke with Jonathan Ryder. Like Peter Jensen, he lives at home. In a finished basement, even. But Jon lives at home for a different set of reasons than Pete. This interview focuses on those reasons.

Jon has graduated from college, he's hard working, clean cut, and has a solid resume. He likes live music, plays a mean game of chess, and frequently composes poetry. Jon spends a lot of time acting as a caretaker for his mother. Speaking with Jon, I focused on his job, his prospects, and current circumstances.

Travis: Tell me about yourself.
Jon: I'm Jonathon Ryder. I'm 27. I live in Brewster Massachusetts, on Cape Cod.

Travis: What do you do for work?
Jon: Currently I'm working at a wine store, looking at moving into their wholesale branch (Cape Cod Wine Wholesale). The wine store is named Orleans Wine and Spirits.

Travis: Do you like working at Wine and Spirits?
Jon: I'm enjoying it quite a lot. I met the owners through my previous job at the Hot Chocolate Sparrow (a coffee house in Orleans, MA).

Travis: Did you go to college?
Jon: I went to college, Roger Williams University in Rhode Island. I Enjoyed it a lot. I had obligations at home, so I was spending a lot of my time driving back and forth.

Travis: What did you study at Roger Williams?
Jon: I majored in creative writing with a minor in English and theater.

Travis: Did college help prepare you for your current job, or the job market?
Jon: College didn't really prepare me exactly, the jobs aimed at my education don't exist on Cape.

Travis: Why are you still here?
Jon: The reason I came back to the Cape was to help my mother.

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