Tuesday, October 19, 2010

All The Authors Talk About Their Own Responses

For Journalism 392 tonight we took a look at four articles. Sucking Up To The Boss, U2's The Unforgettable Fire turns 25 years old, This Yankees Fan "Sez" Thank You, Freddy Schuman, and Fear and Loathing outside Worcester.

They all deal with vastly different subjects and events. On is about pursuing truth, another U2's music, there's one that talks about an eccentric Yankee's fan, and even something about Lieberman's restroom habits.

What they all share in common is writing style. All four writers include themselves in their articles. In each case they express their own opinions and experiences, and the pieces are better for it. In fact, the part about Lieberman would've been impossible to write without the authors influence.

This narrative style of writing is more compelling than duller, traditional news writing. Like I said, writing a clean cut story about Lieberman's men's room manners would read something like "Lieberman pee's standing next to other men, even when there is a viable alternative." But relating that same information as a short, non-fiction story, that's a good read. It still sounds like it belongs in The Onion.

The short piece on "Sucking up to your boss" is really just a link aggregation post. Andrew Sullivan thought the concept of integrity was worth spreading, and well expressed. Bam, daily dish.

Scott Brodeur's article about his relationship with U2's music, and what the albums 25th anniversary means to him, is obviously enriched by his inclusion of personal experience.

And the bit about NY Cities eccentric fan, well, sounded like a wasted opportunity. He should have interviewed the fanatic!

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