Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Best Links From October 31, 2010 (US Politics Today)

FiveThirtyEight posted a useful election guide this morning.  It breaks down just how many House seats the Republicans are likely to seize, and gives hour by hour projections of what's likely to happen election night.

Obama says Americans aren't thinking straight because they're scared.  He's right.  An old Bill Maher clip explains why.

Keith Olberman takes Stewart's concluding remarks personally.  Buzzfeed has an epic top 100 picture post from the Rally.

Foreign Policy has a user friendly post about Al Qaeda in Yemen, in relation to the recent bomb threat originating from that country.  I went into the article expecting them to start banging the drums of war, but I was pleasantly surprised.

NPR says you should go trick or treating in these, the best cities for costumed candy collection.  It's actually vaguely scientific.  The front page of Boing Boing has gone Halloween crazy, with the DIY crowd doing exactly what they're supposed to do.

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