Friday, October 29, 2010

Childish Bullshit From The Republican Governors Association (US Politics Today)

Here's an exquisitely produced faux trailer for the November elections, put out by the Republican Governors Association.  It mostly contains assorted old white people griping about the scary black president.  They really want to take their country back.

They do this to a video mashup of GOP caused catastrophe's, like the foreclosure crisis:

It's sad that the right thinks Obama is in anyway socialist, or even leftist.  This is a group of people, a movement, that thrives on its members fundamental lack of knowledge about American history.  And they're going to score big in the upcoming national elections.  Because mainstream America can't see them for the delusional thugs, religious bullies, and race baiting propagandists that constitutes the vocal majority of this nation's right wing.

In the end they trot out Reagan, who was in favor of a managed economy, in the form of mercantilism.

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