Friday, October 29, 2010

Civil Liberties, What Political Journalism Looks Like, And The Men Who Run Things (US Politics Today)

Glenn Greenwald published a phenomenal piece this afternoon.  It helps explain how Obama got civil liberties so wrong so fast, the sort of dialogs that truly powerful people have in private, and how broken our political system really is.  Teaser:

"Nothing is more absurd than watching Tea Party supporters march under the banner of the Constitution and limited government as they support candidates who will expand unrestrained and unchecked federal powers of surveillance, detention, and Endless War, while Democrats (like Tribe) who marched under a civil liberties banner during the Bush years now cheer for the Democratic politicians who have adopted those very policies." 

The most numbing thing is that it's true.  When you're talking about the masses in either political party, anywhere on the left-right spectrum, everything about that quote holds up.  Maybe it's time to start talking about fundamental reform, to the political system and our political culture.

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