Sunday, October 31, 2010

How Did We Get Here, And What Happens If The Right Regains Power (US Politics Today)

The country is getting ready for midterm elections.  No matter how this plays out, Democrats are going to be far less powerful in Congress when the dust settles.  The right could very well take the House, and gain substantial ground in the Senate.  With Obama's popularity plummeting over the last two years, and the Republicans drumming up the far right, this election night will be interpreted as a referendum on the presidency of Obama. We need to take a look at what has brought our Republic to such a sad state.  Regula Staempfli has the right idea (via The Moderate Voice):
"Instead of seizing a historical opportunity after his election, as Roosevelt did in 1933 with the New Deal, Obama sat at the same table and discussed marriage with his political assassins for two years. Of course, he did so with precisely the level of success we thinking folks predicted."
What a shame that is so extraordinarily accurate.  The administration famously spent two years courting the once broken and thoroughly defeated GOP, and refusing to push ANY comprehensive reforms to energy, financial, or health care policies.  Obama's supporters have a right to be disappointed.  It also means his  supporters might not get our the vote, and that this country will be forced to watch as the right tries to usher back into power the evangelical neo-Cons, and the "business first" policies that created the recession.

America has already forgotten what government from the right looks like, and we're on the way to reliving it.

Update: The CS Monitor chronicles just how disappointed the left is with the administration.

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