Friday, October 29, 2010

No Matter Who You Are, You Are Really Going To Like One Of These Websites

So I was cleaning out my bookmarks folder, and figured I'd share the good stuff with you.

Reddit: A social news site with a thoughtful and active community.
Internet Archive: Huge digital archive site.  Has books, music, movies, ect.
TextBroker: A poor writers freelance job board.  Legit, they drop the money into your Paypal account.
Craigslist:  Jobs, Housing, Sex, Hobbies, ect.  You know about craigslist.
Fora:  Generally pretty thoughtful videos.  Sort of a TED Talks lite edition.
Food Gawker:  A site that specializes in what Anthony Bourdain would call "food porn."
TIGS: The Independent Gaming Source.  Nifty blog that deals with independently developed computer games.
Colbert Nation:  Watch full episodes of The Colbert Report online.
The Daily Show with John Steward Official Website:  Watch full episodes of The Daily Show online.
Absolute Write:  Writers forum.  Full of generally friendly people.
Wikileaks:  Watchdog/whistle blower site.
Liveleak:  A no holds bared video host.  Not always pleasant.
Flippa:  Sell and buy websites here. 
Project Gutenberg:  A massive collection of public domain literature. 
I Can Has Cheezeburger:  Cats who talk funny.
TaxAct:  I did my taxes here last year.  Everything went better than expected.
Pandora:  Online radio service, it uses an advanced recommendation engine to cater to your tastes.
RPGWatch:  A niche news aggregator, specializing in computer role playing games.
Meetup:  Find other people who are into the same things as you. 
Kongregate:  Online games.
Armor Games:  Online games.
Jamendo:  A whole bunch of free and legal music. 
Podcast Bunker:  An excellent podcast directory.
Ballotpedia:  Helps you figure out wtf proposition 23 is all about.

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