Thursday, October 28, 2010

Obama On The Daily Show (US Politics Today)

President Obama was on The Daily Show last night, and it was a pretty good episode.  Stewart interviewed Obama for the entire block.

The interview was surprisingly substantive.  Stewart asked some pointed questions, focusing on the Democrats perceived loss of public support, Congressional cowardice, and Obama's failure to bring comprehensive reform to the executive branch, or health insurance industry.  Obama had apparently candid answers to all of these questions.

Obama took the opportunity to tout some of the Democrat's achievements, pointing towards the stabilized economy, growing job market, student loan reform, and health care reform.  They touched on the logistics of national management, the crippled legislature, and whether or not Washington is capable of "agile" action.

Missing from the 27 minute show is any mention of the administrations degradation of civil liberties, The Rally to Restore Sanity, or the Supreme Court's insane Citizens United ruling.  Oh well.

I walked away from the episode pretty content.  It's still sort of shocking to have lucid and openly pragmatic president.  The quality of the interview easily eclipsed most of what passes for informational programming on the major news networks.  I'm looking at you CNN.

The President ended his appearance telling Stewart's audience to get out the vote.

You can watch the full episode HERE.

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