Friday, October 29, 2010

Obama's Approach To DADT, Political Pragmatism Gone Wrong (US Politics Today)

Andrew Sullivan of The Atlantic just called out Obama over his changing stance on Don't Ask Don't Tell.  Sullivan gets it right, showing how Obama's opinion hasn't and isn't evolving through careful consideration and introspection; it's being tailored to best serve his pragmatic political purposes.

I don't hold that kind of insincerity against politicians.  That sort of thing is what's savory in American politics.  I don't think anyone would truly begrudge pols them their posturing and grandstanding.

What does bother me is that there's no reason to flip flop on this issue.  As Sullivan says:

"The failure to end DADT - which has massive popular support and is backed by even Bill O'Reilly - is a much bigger indictment of Obama, the Dems and the Human Rights Campaign."

It's been that way for a while now.  My guess is that Obama's statisticians simply misread a spreadsheet, and told him it was safer to tell his constituents that he was more socially conservative than O'Reilly.  In fact it might have been safer strategically to actually do the right thing, and help destroy DADT.

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