Tuesday, October 5, 2010

This Week On Twitter

MotherJones Tweeted "Why did firefighters in Obion County stand by as a house burned down?" this afternoon. I'm starting to get into Twitter just a little bit. I'm using it as a sort of social RSS reader.

Anyways, their linked story gives the depressing answer:

"...Except that the County of Obion (
Tennessee) doesn't provide any fire services. So if you live in the nearby vicinity and want fire protection, you have to pay South Fulton $75 per year. Gene Cranick (homeowner) didn't pay the fee, so a few days ago, after he started a fire in a couple of barrels in his backyard and the fire got out of control, the South Fulton Fire Department didn't respond when he called."

This has happened before in Obion country, so it's not a new issue for residents. According to the article there have been plans floated to share fire services with other counties, but those plans have failed to pass. Most likely because of the cost associated with them, I imagine.

Still, missing a $75 payment doesn't seem like good grounds for losing ones house. Couldn't the fire chief have collected the fee after saving Cranick's burning home?

Yes, but he didn't. Way to go chief.

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