Tuesday, October 5, 2010

UMass And Masslive Collaborate To Adress A Tragedy

Today in class we took a look at a project at MassLive being run by a group of UMass Journalism students. The class is taking a look at the aftermath, causes, and other fallout from the Phoebe Prince bullying caused suicide.

My reaction to the project is positive so far. The range of the perspectives offered is impressive. Different students looked at the ongoing tragedy from a number of perspectives. For instance, one student discusses the possibility that a change in the office of local District Attorney could change the way the case is prosecuted.

Another article discusses the role texting, or "sexting," might have played. One student even interviewed Jim Cline from WGGB for his take on the suicide.

The quality of the articles I've checked out is outstanding. My only critical suggestion deals with the positioning of the "About This Page" frame. It's not nearly high profile enough. Otherwise this is a solid project.

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