Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Best Links From Nov 3, 2010 (Or: What The Hell Just Happened?) (US Politics Today)

The Agonist thinks the new Republican House is preparing to do mortal combat with the White House.  The whole thing is worth reading, but here's my favorite bit:
 Don’t expect to see a serious budget produced by the Republicans, but you can fully expect they will reject any budget Obama submits to the House. The odds are pretty high we will get the federal government shutdown (and showdown with the White House) that Newt Gingrich dreamt about in 1994. This time, though, the Republicans won’t flinch, and we may see a forced default on our debt when the Treasury is starved for money.
That entire prediction rests on the idea that the newly elected Tea Party contingent will live up to its campaign promises.  If they do, they'll lose the center.  I they don't, they'll lose their passionate base.  I don't think there's a middle ground this time, not for this crowd.  Either way, the far right isn't going to gain more popular support over the next two years.  Not unless the Democrats continue to disappoint the Nation and alienate their supporters.

TPM talks about fracture lines already appearing within the GOP, caused by Sarah Palin. The conflict is between people who love her (the Tea Party and the Evangelicals) and the people who see her as useful but potentially dangerous (the sane but recently timid Conservatives).  The same fracture lines can be spotted around Beck and Limbaugh. 

The Daily Beast breaks down the numbers, and predicts an increase in tensions between the left and right, not the rise of bipartisanship.  Significantly, Democrats and Republicans showed up in roughly equal ratio's this election.  There are far more registered Democrats then there are Republicans, it's just that so many Democrats didn't come out to play.  I guess that enthusiasm gap was real.

NPR has a short piece that outlines what we can look forward to from the new Republican House:

When it came to specifics they had a couple that seem clear. Boehner said, "We continue to believe extending current tax rates for all Americans is the right policy." He was referring to the Bush-era tax cuts, which are set to expire at the end of the year.  On spending he said he believes that 2008 levels of spending is "a responsible way forward." And on repealing the Health Care bill, he sounded fairly clear on that, "I believe that the health care bill will kill jobs in America, ruin the best health care system in the world and bankrupt our country." So, we can see that on the agenda.
Mr. Boehner also said there would be stronger congressional oversight of the executive branch, singling out the financial system reforms that recently passed as one area he thought there should be robust oversight as the regulations are written.
The Agonist might have been right.  It sounds like the right is gearing up to fight for tax cuts for the wealthy, repeal healthcare, and harass the Executive.  I still don't think Boehner is that stupid.  This sounds to me like a continuation of campaign rhetoric.

The Daily Kos has a post up about how the American voter is schizophrenic, and how the left can win him back.  They're predicting internal strife in the GOP, the same as everyone else, while they also see a more united Democratic party, since the Blue Dogs have been so efficiently culled this mid-term. 

I could go on, but nobody has anything else to say.  The right has enough power to seriously wound itself, Obama needs to step up, the left needs to rally, and 2012 is just around the corner.

Is anyone else having fun?


  1. Yes this right we can expect a Gov. slow down or perhaps a shut down but Obama is a rather smart and talented man when it comes to getting things done..Should the Gov. shut down happen Dems win all the seats plus more in 2012.

  2. Thanks for commenting Anon!

    I think that's correct; If the Republicans force the government into a stall, only the Tea Party faithful will stand behind them in 2012.