Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Big Migration

Boston.com has a neat new photo feature up.  They're showcasing a selection of photographs from a National Geographic project that deals with migrations.

The feature is part of their regular "The Big Picture" series, which normally deals with human subjects.  This time it focuses entirely on the animal kingdom, ranging from birds to land beasts to interesting underwater shots.  When you view these pictures in sequence, they tell an awesome story of struggle and survival.  Almost every photograph is taken in the untouched wild, away from any sign of humanity.  I could probably count the number of times I've seen that sort of view on one hand.

Despite the wildly different animal species featured in each photograph, there is a continuity to this series.  In each picture, an animal is swimming, running, hunting, or fighting for it's very existence.  Darwin approves.

It's interesting to think that these creatures aren't just in nature, they really are a part of it.  I've always liked the idea that I'm a part of the natural world, but I've never had to fight a bald eagle and some crows for my meal.

My personal favorite shots come early.  Look for the walrus swarm (photo # 3), and the jellyfish armada (photo # 5).  Usually the big picture showcases pieces from a wide array of photojournalists, all these shots come from National Geographic's team.

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