Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Four Loko Reactions

Four Loko is under legislative attack in states across the country, with the FDA expected to weigh in soon on a National level ban.  The high alcohol/high caffeine beverage is popular with teens and students across the country, and people on both sides of this issue are weighing in on the debate online.  

A Facebook group titled “RIP FOUR LOKO” was created November 2, as has already gathered over 11,000 followers.  The groups mission statement declares its founders support for the drink:

The beloved drink of Four Loko is now illegal and will not be able to be bought in stores. We will forever miss you Four Loko R.I.P ♥  

The comments on the groups wall are all pro Loko.  Twitter is also alive with commentary tonight.  Tweets are flooding in speaking for both sides of the conversation.

EnviousMo speaks out for the drink:

Noooo four loko might be banned from arizona:o haha not mahh drinnnnk

xBossRicky doesn’t like the brew:

I'm not drinking four loko anymore cause the sh*t it does to you!

wilto takes the libertarian approach:

We needed laws to keep people from drinking Four Loko, huh? Is legislation in the works for bleach or “gravel, even if it’s only a little?

There doesn’t seem to be any sort of consensus in the democratic world of Twitter, although opinions online seem far more passionate than the brick and mortar side of things. 

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