Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It Has Begun, Nevada 2010

I'm really into election night this year.  For Journalism class, we all had to choose a race to watch tonight.  For some godless reason I choose to watch the unfolding Harry Reid/Sharron Angle fiasco.  Full disclosure, I'm rooting for Reid.

My approach to this live blogging experiment is pretty straight forward.  Here's a list of media sources I'm planning to lean on:

The Las Vegas Sun's political section. 

The NYT's mind blowing interactive political board.

SilverState2010, a site promoted by the Nevada Secretary of State.

MSNBC, the cable news channel and the website.

Angle's twitter feed.  Angle's campaign website.

Reid's twitter feed.  Reid's campaign website. 

That should be enough to keep me busy and informed.  I also have pizza.

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