Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Live Blogging Experiment

The Nevada Senate race is finished, and Harry Reid defeated Sharron Angle.  That means incumbent Reid gets to keep his seat as Senate Majority Leader.  I covered election night in a series of posts using the live blogging format.

I had a lot of fun, I could do this sort of thing every night. 

When I started this (school) project, I posted a list of sources I expected to rely on for most of the evening.  That list became obsolete within the first 20 minutes or so.  Neither of the campaigns used twitter to do anything but beg for votes, and both stopped communicating entirely once the Nevada polls closed.  Similarly, both their campaign websites were quiet for the entire evening.

Twitter itself did help me out once or twice.  It was in a "Nevada Results" search that I first heard about the power outage that delayed poll closures.  Once I knew what had happened, it was easy to do a Google News search for "Nevada power" and find a few recent stories.  That same technique helped me find a few other recently broken stories.    

Google Alerts was also useful.  I had four alerts set up following the Nevada Senate race.  If I hadn't been glued to Twitter and refreshing Google News searches so often, the Alert results would have been extremely useful.  As it stands, Alerts did let me know about Angle's campaign lawyer filing a voter intimidation allegation against Reid.

I had an RSS reader full of political commentary sites and blogs, which proved useful, but mostly for keeping me abreast of election results across the Nation.  I used Google Reader.  This whole post is starting to sound like a Google promotional piece.

The LA Sun had solid coverage, but they didn't post nearly as frequently as I hoped they would.  I think I only ended up citing them once.  The SilverState2010 site was useful, but it buckled under immense traffic once the Secretary of State's office started posting Nevada district results.  The NYT and MSNBC big boards were much more useful.

Cable news broke the story of Harry Reid's victory, but the online sources picked it up quickly.  I switched between MSNBC and Fox News for most of the evening.  Now I hate and fear Republicans and Democrats in equal measure.

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