Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Take On MovieWeb's Tron Q.A.

Tron by *TronixGFX on deviantART

I'm a nerd.  As a nerd, the history of my people is relatively short.  We have the comic book industry, science fiction novels, computer games and the internet.  We also have a handful of movies we can claim as our own.

Tron is one of the movies that defines my introverted people.  It originally came out in 1982, and its had a lasting influence.  I remember watching it on VHS in my grandmother's generally unused guest room.  It smelled like moth balls.

So when a sequel to this milestone film was announced, the mouth breather community was electrified.  And with the movies impending release date this December 17th fast approaching, people across the inter-tubes are trying to figure out if it will be good.  Fortunately, MovieWeb has conducted an in depth Q.A. with the movie's two lead writers, Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, both veteran writers of TV's Lost.  I still need to see that final episode.

The article starts of with some gushing about a 30 minute screening of the film the uncredited author attended. Then it gets down to brass tax, as the author meets with his interviewees.  It's a phenomenal piece for people looking for insight into the creative process for the upcoming film.

Since it's important to know how a writer feels about his subject matter, here is Horowitz talking in the interview about his relationship to the franchise:
Adam Horowitz: It really started twenty-eight years ago as kids when we saw the movie. For us it was like being dropped into the theater by parents who didn't quite understand what this movie would be. Then having your mind blown and running wild through an arcade after that too.
It's promising that both of the lead writers talk about Tron like this.  It means they might be able to recapture some of what made it so cool, since they got it to begin with.  It's also a good sign when people involved in a project enjoy working on it.  It means they feel productive, that they think their efforts are producing something worthwhile:
Edward Kitsis: It just hit me this week that this thing is actually coming out and that we didn't just do it for our own enjoyment. People are actually going to see it and it will be judged.
So far so good.  Of course, both of those excerpts could be examples of cynical marketing talk.  It wouldn't be the first time I was duped this way.  But that doesn't seem very likely to me, given the duo's track record, and the article's gushing about the screening.  These guys can deliver.

The duo continue the conversation, talking about working on Lost, their influences (who guessed "Wizard of OZ?) and even giving credit to the fans of ComicCon, who helped create all this buzz.  The duo also reveal that they're slated to write the sequel to this sequel, an as of yet unnamed Tron Legacy follow up.

I'm issuing a prediction.  Tron Legacy will be good.  Its sequel will be a cinematic catastrophe the likes of which Disney will never live down.

Here's a link to one of the trailers, featuring Daft Punk's Derezzed.

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