Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Nevada 2010 Post 10

On cable, MSNBC is talking about Harry Reid like he's already won.  So is CNN, but they're presenting it on an atrocious "holograph" display.  On Fox they're making believe the Republican's have seized Congress, not just the House.  When they say Reid is losing, they're talking about Rory, not Harry.

SilverState2010 is getting swamped with traffic, and it's reload rate has slowed to a crawl.

60 percent of the vote in, and Reid has a healthy lead over Angle, according to MSNBC's site.

The NYT site is way behind both SilverState2010 and MSNBC, it's echoing both of their numbers from about 30 minutes ago.

Both Nevada Senate candidates are dead quiet on Twitter.  Reid must smell victory.  Angle is figuring out how to lobby for a recount.

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