Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Nevada 2010 Post 2

Alright, the news was trickling in with the previous setup.  I decided to setup Google Alerts to be sent to my Gmail inbox, so I have something to click when my other sources fail.  The alert phrases I'm going with are "Harry Reid," "Sharron Angle," and "Nevada Senate."  That's casting a wide net.

According the the LA Times Angle has continued to hide from the media:

In a radio interview aired this morning, the candidate made it clear that her campaign is not talking to reporters — and her silence is journalists' fault because they're "unprofessional." She added that others should follow her lead.
She then makes believe her cowardice is a moral stance:

"We need to bring back the professionalism into reporting, and I think that when we have an opportunity to teach a lesson, we should," Angle said in the interview with conservative talk show host Heidi Harris.
I love this stuff.  Apparently enough of Nevada's voters buy her act, the states Senate race is extremely close.  The Washington Times just posted an update, which mentions two pre-election polls, Reid's rise from being a widely despised figure, and an Angle/Scientology collaboration.  If he was so widely despised, how did he win the Democratic primary in Nevada?

MSNBC is projecting a Republican House of Representatives at the end of the night.  Polls across the east just closed.   I'm making potato skins.

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