Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Nevada 2010 Post 7

Politico reports:

LAS VEGAS — A lawyer for Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle has filed a complaint with the Justice Department alleging illegal voter intimidation on behalf of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's campaign. 

The complaint is based on an article, which appeared Tuesday morning in National Review, that alleged Reid's campaign worked with sympathetic executives to put pressure on union casino employees to vote.
Is encouraging employees to vote the same thing as voter intimidation?  Is "intimidating" managers to encourage voters to vote the same thing as voter intimidation?  I doubt it, even if Angle's lawyer and the National Review article can be trusted.  I'm guessing the question comes down to whether or not employees were ever told who to vote for.

I'm issuing a prediction, this Nevada voter intimidation allegation is going to be a National story in a few hours.

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