Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The TSA Is Odious, And Everyone Knows It

I don't spend a lot of time being outraged.  I used to, but it's exhausting.

Over the last few years I've found myself reacting to hideous events in a detached way.  Concepts like critical reasoning, the importance of public debate, and freedom of speech dominate my internal dialog when I'm confronted by something nasty.  Like I said, its exhausting being irate, but it's also fun.

But sometimes, I'll see or hear something atrocious, and I get a bitter taste in my mouth.  It happened on 9/11 while I sat in my boarding school's auditorium, and later when I first hear about RIAA's demented multi-million dollar lawsuits against teenagers.  It happened when I found out there never were any weapons of mass destruction, and our government knew the truth all along.

I'm outraged now, and it's because of the TSA.  This agency uses the remarkably invasive backscatter scanners to screen airline customers on their way to gate 17.  You have no reason to believe those images aren't being stored.  Not interested in giving a pervy, unprofessional TSA agent a peep show?

Then you're getting groped.

This is screwy, and it shouldn't be happening in the worlds most successful post colonial power.  This is invasive.

Anyways, this video shows footage of a video that went viral recently:

Good for Mr Tyner for registering his valid disapproval.  The reason this film went viral, is because everyone wants to speak to the TSA this way.  I don't think much of the chuckling CNN anchor.

What bugs me is that people are willing to suffer this kind of indignity.  That we don't value our privacy, or recognize our individual sovereignty.  That if this sort of personal degradation becomes acceptable, then further invasions of American citizen's civil liberties become inevitable and easier to tolerate.  A lot of Youtube commenters seem to concur.

Tyner may be prosecuted by the TSA.

National hero Captain Sully is an opponent to this whole thing.  According to the article, pretty much everyone thinks the TSA needs to be put on a leash. 

Link dump:

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