Tuesday, November 30, 2010

UMass Hip Hop Auditions Have No Web Presence

There's an intriguing event at UMass Amherst tonight, but unless you're on campus you'd never know about it.

Our billboards are plastered with a flier touting "Hip-Hop Auditions," and they have been for weeks.  I've seen them in the Library, Thomson Lecture Hall, the lab buildings, and the outdoor covered boards.  No doubt they're all over the residential areas as well.

The only thing odd about all of this, is that the event seems to have no online presence.  I've checked Facebook, Twitter, done Google web and news searches, and this thing doesn't come up.  At the very least, I was expecting a Blogger page.

Even the UMass run event calendar has no listing for tonight's auditions.  And the trusty school paper?  It's completely mute on the topic.

But fear not intrepid reader, for the Journalism 392 group has dispatched a collection of elite stringers to cover the Hip Hop Audition in person.  In the meanwhile, this event's lack of online presence has become the story.

I am working with one meager lead.  That same pervasive flier included an email address for the event's coordinator.  Here's hoping they've got the time to write me back with a few details before the curtain closes.

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