Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Video Compilation Of Previous UMass Amherst Hip Hop Events

Tonight's event is off to a roaring start, according to our agents on the ground.  Apparently the lack of online promotion didn't hold back attendance by performers, but the audience is sparse as of now.  The international student dancers are making their presence known in a big way, which makes sense, considering the history of Hip Hop at UMass Amherst that I'm finding archived on
Youtube.  Check out some of my favorite clips...

Here's a two song and dance piece titled "DBJ Asian-American Dance Crew - 2010 Asian Night at UMass Amherst Hip hop dance crew."  The crowd goes wild for this group, and the Youtube community seems to like them as well.  Of all the flicks I've found so far, this one has the best production values.  The video has netted 49,572 views, 80 likes, and two pages of mostly positive comments:

This clip is from the UMass Dhadak student organization.  It's titled "UMass SASA Fusion Dance Team - UMass Dhadak," and has 3,004 views, 3 likes, and one very lonely dislike.  I kind of like it.  According to the group's webpage, they specialize in Indian and Bollywood style dance routines.  The few comments are very supportive:

The Youtube search is going well, and there's no shortage of results for UMass Hip Hop.  Here's clip called "Kaba Modern @ Umass Best Dance Crew."  It has 1,345 views, 5 likes, and a handful of pretty impassioned comments.  I agree with the commenters, the performers in this video do a good job:  

See, it's stuff like this that makes me love the net.  It's interesting to note that while the Hip Hop Auditions flier says its for the "First Ever UMass Hip-Hop Dance Crew" all the video evidence suggests that's not really the case.  And if the recent record is any indication, there have been plenty of Hip-Hop crews in our university's recent past.

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