Thursday, December 2, 2010

Assorted Link Goodness, Dec 02, 2010

A few interesting tid-bits to get your day started:

Smuggler tunnels are popping up along the US southern border.  This is pretty remarkable, apparently the earth along the US/Mexico border is conducive to the construction of self enforcing tunnels.  There you have it, our War on Drugs is contributing to our inability to secure our national boundaries.

Foreign Policy has a great slide show of stories that were under reported this year.  This is recommended for non-news junkies.  I love these sort of articles.

The BBC posted a short story featuring satellite images of North Korea.  I'm fascinated by this crazy country, and these sort of "Inside NK" stories are few and far between.  The most interesting bit deals with the compound the nations elite live in.

I'm a geek.  As such, I like Star Trek, including the recent J.J. Abrams movie.  Here's a bunch of behind the scenes pictures from the set.

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